Saturday, November 14, 2009

Century Bob With Groin

What's a great gift idea for that fighter in the family or for anyone who wants to workout? Century Bob With Groin body bag. Bob is not your ordinary punching bag.

Here, take a look at him. Doesn't he look mean and ugly just waiting for someone to smash him with in the face with an elbow? Even women can practice their moves on this Century Bob body bag. It's a great tool for martial arts fighters, boxers, a cardio workout or for stress release.

The human shape of this unique punching bag allows you to focus on specific areas of the body like without having to buy another punching bag. Like targeting the head and throat, working the face area, upper cut training, the groin area and other specific areas. Go here and see a video of a Jedi Master giving Century Bob a 1 minute workout that no human can take.

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