Friday, June 18, 2010

Walk Behind Brush Cutter

Got some land to clear? You let your property get overgrown and don't know where to start. Get a Swisher walk behind brush cutter and let the machine do the back breaking work for you.

The Swisher Predator is fantastic for cutting trails or clearing the densest brush and tall grasses. It can chop saplings up an inch and a half in daimeter. with no problem.

Tired of the blisters from the hand held trimmers? Sick of your mower bogging down from the tall thick grass?
The 24" Predator self-propelled walk-behind can clear the denest undergrowth and saplings up to an inch and a half in daimeter with no problem. It can clear 2/3 of an acre per hour.
The Swisher 24" self propelled brush cutter is now on sale. Check out the details for the free shipping. Also for more options and features go to

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